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From: Bones Rodriguez, Actor, Author, Entrepreneur

My Name Is John "Bones" Rodriguez And I'm An Actor, Author, Entrepreneur Born And Raised Here In New York City Where I Live With My Wife And Two Kids.

My Wife And I Are Actors And Yes You've Probably Seen Me On Tv Because I've Done A Ton Of Commercials And The Occasional Tv Show.

But When I Got Started, I Didn't Want To Wait Tables, Walk Dogs Or Watch Babies, Or Bartend Or Have Any Day Job At All.

Instead In Between Gigs We Make Money By Having An Online Business Where We Sell Stuff. And That's All Any Business Does

Is Sell Stuff To People Who Want That Stuff

There's an old saying that I really like and I say a lot:

Sometimes you just need to know whatever it is that you don't know so you can get what you want.

Now When I Tell People That They Think "Scam!", Or They Think Of My Or Some Makeup Party Business Or Selling Vitamins To My Friends And Family.

Not That I Haven't Tried That- I Have.

I Just Wasn't Very Good At It!

Other People Think Of Something Totally Complicated Like Running Facebook Or Something Really Technical Like Programming Websites.

We Do None Of That Stuff.

I Tell People That We Have Sort Of An Online Vending Machine.

Most People Get That.

You've Walked By A Vending Machine Before, And When You Feel Like Buying Something, You Pull Out Your Money And Buy It.

Well, When You Did That, The Owner Of The Machine Made Money, Right?

Now They Didn't Make The Candy, Or The Soda, Or Even The Machine. They Just Set It Up, And Made Sure That Hungry People Are Walking By It.

And When The Machine Sells Stuff To People Who Want That Stuff


Bam You Make Money!

Simple- No Scam, No Scheme,

They Just Buy It

And You Make Money.

Because You Own The System.


The Machine Does The Selling
And Makes You Money.

While You're Doing Something Else

Watching Tv

Playing With Your Kids

Or Even Sleeping.

You Make Money Without Having To Be There

It's An Asset

Something You Buy That Pays You.

We Do The Same Thing, But Online. Online, You Can Have Your Machine Sell Stuff To The Whole World. You Just Need People To See It, Right?

You Know How Sometimes You Find An Extra 20 Bucks In A Pants Pocket Or In The Couch?


Isn't That A Great Feeling?

Well Imagine How It Feels To Wake Up And Find Money In Your Bank Account Unexpectedly.

Can You Imagine Waking Up To That Feeling?

You Check Your Email And


Bam You Have Money!

That Sounds Great Doesn't It?

Well There's A Catch-

You Actually Have To Get Started And Take Action And Have A Machine.


So How Do You Get
One Of These Machines?

You Do Not Have To Create Something New To Have A Business. You Can If You Want But That Usually Risks A Lot Of Time And Money

I Didn't Have Time Or Money Like That Then I Found This And Haven't Had A Day Job Since.

So What If I Could Show You How To Set It Up Online And You Make Money From Doing That

Can You Picture That? Doesn't That Sound Like It Makes Sense?

If It Does, Keep Listening, But If Not, You Might As Well Miss Out Now.

If It Feels Right To You Then I Want You To Imagine That Vending Machine Again.

So Other People Made The Machine Other People Made The Candy But You Own The
Whole System So When People Buy Now You Make Money From The Sales Your System Makes


You Can Do The Same Thing Online

When People See The Website You Own (that Someone Else Created)
Selling Things That You Own (that Someone Else Created)


You'll Make The Money
Because You Chose
To Buy The System

Okay So Let's Keep Going With This Idea.

Having A Candy And Soda Vending Machine Has A Lot Of Hassles And Costs, But In The Online World It's All Virtual!

That Means You Can Own Your System From Anywhere.

You Don't Need To Track Your Inventory Or Pay Anyone To Empty Or To Clean It. It Works 24 Hours A Day Because The Internet Never Sleeps Even If You Do

Now I'm Sure You See Why I Like Having This "Online Vending Machine" Franchise Right?

If You're Still Here Then Buy Now It Obviously Interests You But Pay Attention To This:

Let's Imagine You're Making A Monthly Income From Your Vending Machine.

You Spend A Little Bit Monthly To Keep It Going And People Buy Stuff When They See Your System And You're Making Anywhere From A Few Hundred To A Few Thousand, To Many, Many Thousands.

Well What If The Guy Who Made The System (remember It Wasn't You) Makes You An Offer. He Says

"Hey If You Put This Sticker On Your Machine, One That Says 'Call This Number To Own A Machine Like This' And If People Buy A System From Me...


I'll Pay You Some Of The Money."

It's Called Being An Affiliate

In Other Words...


You Can Also Sell The Machines!

So Not Only Are You Making Money From What The Machines Sell, You're Also Making Money When Someone Chooses To Buy A Machine!

Online When Things Go Viral, There's Almost No Limit To How Much You Can Make. So Now You Know Why You're Watching This Video!

I Made This Video To Help You Understand That You Can Have An Online Business That Makes You Money Too.



I Wanted To Help More People,
So I "Systematized It" So Even An Internet Dummy Could Do It Too:


You're about to get the knowledge, and all you have to do is apply it.


This is not MLM, not get rich quick, not friends and family
or home parties or where you have to "get people".

This is a course and system that works like a vending machine.

I Wanted To Wake Up And Have Money In My Bank Account That Wasn't There The Night Before, So I Could Go And Do What I Want In Each Day.

I Wanted That Freedom.

So I Got And Set Up One Of These Vending Machines.

I Made This Video To Help My Business Sell Stuff 
To People Who Want That Stuff.

Do You Want An Online Vending Machine Too?

I Did!

If You Understand What I'm Saying And Each Of These Steps Made Sense To You, Then You Like Me Feel Excited Now Because These Ideas Are Opening Your Mind To 


Say Yes To The Possibility.

I Said Yes And Now I'm Able To Do Whatever I Want During The Day, Pursue My Dreams And Be With My Family.

I Learn More Every Day And I Enjoy The Work

Because I'm Helping Other People.


There Are Two Kinds Of People:
Those Who Say Yes To The Possibilities And Take Action,
And Those Who Say No And Get Left Behind

The Second Type Usually Has Clicked Off By Now The Fact That You're Still Listening Means That You're The Kind Of Person Who Wants It And Is Willing To Go For It Now

You're Probably Just Waiting For Some Details

And The Detail I Left Out Is The Most Brilliant Part Of This Whole Thing And That's Why I Saved It For Last.

The One Thing That Scares Some People When They See An Opportunity Like This Is:


"How Much, And Is It A Scam?"

Well, The First Question Is Really Silly Because If It Makes You More Than You Paid, 
Who Cares How Much It Costs?

But It Doesn't Matter Anyway- It's A Tiny Bit Anyway.

The Question Of It Being A Scam Is The Next One.


That's when I realized that more people want to know how, so I put everything I learned into a quick and simple course so anyone can follow along.


Here's How You Know It Isn't A Scam: 

You're About To Buy This System And Pay The Person Who Sent It To You Directly.

It Might Not Even Be Me!

They Bought It, And You're Buying It From Them,

So You Know It Works.

When You Pay Them You'll See That They Get Paid!

They Used The System, Learned How To Put It In Front Of Someone Who Wants To Buy It, And...

Bam! They Get Paid.

Just Like You Will.


Just Like When Someone Buys From A Vending Machine, The Owner Gets Paid.

After You Get It, You'll Be The Owner Of Your Own.

And On The Inside, You'll Learn All About How To Make More Money, And What Else To Sell In Your System.

So- That's It.

By Now You Understand This Whole Thing, By Now You Know It's Legit,  And All You Have To Do Is Get Your Own System, For The Pennies It Costs.

Go For It Now Before Something Else Grabs Your Attention, And Takes Away Your Chance.


You Dont Want To Be Left Out Again.

Take That Excitement You Have In Your Chest Now, And Ask Yourself "Do You Want To Be On The Inside?"

If By Now You Know Absolutely That The Answer Is Yes, Turn It Into Action And Click The Button Below!

I'll See You On The Inside!




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I know this whole "make money online" thing makes new people nervous, but hopefully, you have understood why this CANNOT be a scam, and it's literally impossible for it to be one.


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